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Prospective Students

The accelerated bachelor/master of public health degree program   provides an opportunity for undergraduate students who excel  academically to  obtain the Bachelor of Science in Public Health (BSPH)  degree with an  Environmental Health Science major and the MPH degree  with an Environmental  Health concentration in an accelerated timeframe.  This is an ideal curriculum  for students who wish to enter the  environmental health profession with an  advanced degree and for  pre-medicine and other allied health pre-professional  students.

The  curriculum is designed so the degree requirements for the BSPH  can be met by a  full-time student at the end of four years and the MPH  requirements by the end  of the fifth year of study. A maximum of 30  credit hours of graduate work can  be substituted to meet selected  undergraduate course requirements. Twenty-one  of the first 24 credits  in the MPH program will be applied to both the BSPH and  MPH degree.  Students who withdraw from the program at the end of 4 years are  still  eligible to receive the originating Bachelor of Science in Public Health degree.

There are  two options for entering the program:

1) incoming  freshman who are admitted to  the Honors College can apply to the  accelerated program when they apply to the  Honors College (link to for more information) or

2) students who have at least 60 credits hours  and a  3.5 cumulative GPA may apply to the MPH Program through  the regular admission process by completing the online application (click here). If students are interested in the BSPH-MPH, they should send an email notice to